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An Happy Birthday: 30 Years of the Macintosh

Part of the Mac timeline on Apple’s website.

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Edoardo Galvagno
25 Jan 2014
in mac
Ieri il Mac ha festeggiato 30 anni. Buon compleanno!

So, yesterday, the Mac turned 30.

And, while I’m not going to share my personal, and boring, memories of me using Macs, here’s a small round up of links to celebrate properly!

Apple added a wonderful section to its site (gorgeous photography for a responsive website) dedicated to the entire Mac lineup and the people using it. And, I agree with John Gruber when it says that “Steve Jobs wouldn’t have done it”.

Phil Schiller says that “the Mac keeps going forever” in this interesting interview to some of Apple’s top execs on Macworld.

I always liked the compactness of the original Macintosh 128K. Now, I enjoy ifixit.com finally tearing it down.

The Macintosh 128K, disassembled (courtesy of ifixit.com).

If you want to see a big collection of Macs old and new, better turn to Riccardo Mori.

A short summary (in Italian) of the history of the Mac on Panorama.

But the best way to learn how the Mac came to live is to go and peruse folklore.org.

And what about having a font depicting every Mac ever made? OSXDaily just discovered how to get that font, straight from Apple’s site.

Some of my Macs, typeset in the mac-icon-standard font.

Last, but not least, a gallery of Mac starring in movies and tv series.

Zoolander: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson kind of interacting with an iMac (courtesy of Macs in Movies).